1. i feel like since i got to interview someone it gave me a better look on what i should do and what i wouldn’t like to do mainly just the small things like no phone stay still shake hands make eye contact things like that.
  2. i felt confident just because i know i can do good and i can do better because i think i have decent confidence in my self and think good of my self
  3. i think my responses were OK i might have done some bad ones but only like one or two i feel like is it was areal interview i would be a lot more serous and would give me a better chance to give a better or more formal response.
  4. i would tell him that in a real interview put your phone away dont act likes its there it never was there or to not fidget because if your moving around it would look like your uncomfortable and want to leave so stay calm and chill
  5. i would dress in a dress shirt bow tie and dress paints and some dress shoes
  6. black pants and dress shoes and would be way more behaved a lot more

job shadowing questions


i learned that i talk a lot and that i can enplane thing for a long time

i think i did okay i know i could have done waaayyy better if i tried harder but for now i did okay.

many to slow down in my talking  and try to practice my spelling and not studded

add more pictures and more detailes

i wish i could have taken pics at the school because it would have made my presentation look better.

if i could present again i would probably do the same thing just a little slower

now that i have reflected on my presentation i feel like i could of down way better i could have fixed a lot and have gotten a better grade


all saints day

  1. All saints day it is celebrated every year on November 1 and is also none as all feast day and is celebrated all over the world this is celebrated by all roman catholic and on this day we remember all the saint and celebrate the ones we may not remember and we learn and and stay in prayer. when i was in middle school we celebrated it by going into different group that have a saint i had was saint Max Amillian Cobi and basically my group did research on him and someone drew a picture of him or that represented him on a poster board and around it we would put fact about him and what he has done and other groups would do the same thing but with different saints may i remind you the whole school dose this and after we are done we all go to the school gym and end with the holy sacrament in front of us and we all pray and hear the music that they play and it so much they do this every year at saint Jude and i think it is a good idea because it teaches Catholics new things and yea.

the man who created peanutbutter

The man who was a genus that created one of Americas favorite  and that goes on everything!  George Washington Carver this one of the 3 men that created peanut butter it took them a while till they could Figure out till one day the homie George found out that you need have everything at a certain temp and how long you have to fix them they got together and didn’t stop till they got the best consistency and that day the butter was born. the other three man that helped make the beautiful creation that is peanut butter were Edson, Kellogg and Straubn( i couldnt find there full names this is all i got i think George is just best know for it) these man help out as much as they can and i think is suck that they didn’t get as much fame as George but ether way they are somewhat know for what they help make. This one item mad a big difference it could go on most things like bread, cellular, chocolate, apples and many other thing goes to show this is an amazing creation and i think it will be around for a long time and nobody can get tired of it.

Super bowl Commercials

This commercial was about jeep and it is persuading you to buy a jeep because they are great in all Turin and can out run a t-Rex and are over all great buy a jeep it dose this by supporting Jurassic park original since with the origination 92 jeep and t-Rex chasing it and changing. into the new jeep but same thing was going on the t-Rex was still chasing. this was probably for audults

In this AD  it was just a funny Ad it had a lot of celebrities from Gordon Ramirez to cardie BI it was just funny it was advertising the new alexa and some of the old ones too and if this were to happen i think this would be a great idea to do and hope this dose happen


this next one was about a man acting like it was other commercials but in realty it was a tide ad and i was more to entertain and make you laugh it start by him say looks like your normal super bowl car commercial or a funny beer ad but its not its a tide ad and it goes through more and more ads and at the end its just a tide ad.

play doh

I made a waffle to represent food because i want to be a chef/ baker when im older cooking is impotent to me because my dad was a cook and he was very good at it he taught me how to cook and iv always had a soft spot for cooking iv been cooking since i was 8 and started by learning how to make eggs and now i can make a lot bigger dishes most of them being Mexican foods but what i do know how to make is pasta, home made hamburger, enchiladas, tacos , and many other things point is i want to make it big when in cook i want to work at a good restaurant or be a privet chef i want to make other people smile when they eat my food.

My other classmates made a basket ball, a swimmer and another one made a cake like i did they all did a lot better then mine they acoustically look like what they were trying to make

i think this relates to the writing because we had to think about what we had to make just like we have to think about what we had to think about our writing topic and  it takes time to make it the best it can be.

Gay wedding cake

Wedding cake we all know them there great in all ways and represent an amazing event in a couples/family’s life but gay wedding? this  was talking about that bakery’s that are being forced to make/ bake gay wedding cakes. What is a gay wedding cake a gay wedding cake is just a traditional wedding cake just in rainbow that it i feel like it not a big deal like its a cake just order it custom and it would be no differt and bakery’s dont have to make them forensically. A lot of people say it dose not matter when a small % of people say do it on said that ” bakery’s should make gay wedding cakes because bakery’s should make a cake no matter there race gender or sexual orientation and plus barkers would make more money this way “. But many others disagree with this so i am sure bakery will not be making any rainbow wedding cakes anytime soon but who knows. Another group said that no bakery’s should not be forced to make gay wedding cakes some said because its not right and others said its not a big deal and they dont care much for this topic .